YUBISASHI Italy (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

  YUBISASHI Italia (Digital) Magazine (1 edition) YUBISASHI Italia (Digital) – YUBISASHI Point and Phrase Book is the best-selling book and series in Japan. YUBISASHI is for travelers who want to communicate freely, even if they are in foreign countries. We came up with several ideas to make this book more convenient. There are phrases in English and Italian in this book. Then, you can welcome people who come from Italy and it is also very useful to study Italian and English. There are many useful conversation phrases with good illustration. All you have to do is point. Point out the conversation phrases or the beautiful illustration, then you can communicate with people living in foreign countries. You will be surprised that our editors spend the whole night looking for the right word. This is no exaggeration. We choose each word very carefully because we have to put everything in each category, page and table. Even if you don't know any language grammar, it can be expressed as your own language. Use this book and communicate with anyone while traveling. Perhaps, find a very good restaurant where only local people knew. You may have heard of a very interesting place that your guide never tells you. Your new friend will bring you unforgettable events. YUBISASHI Point and Phrase Book guarantees that your trip will be pleasant! Have fun and improve your trip a hundred times more! YUBISASHI is the owner of Joho Center Publishing Co., Ltd. (C) 2011 Evidence Corporation (C) 2011 Evidence Japan Corporation (C) 2011 Joho Center Publishing Co., Ltd.

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