The Devil’s Concubine (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

  The Devil & # 39; s Concubine (Digital) Magazine (1 Edition) The Devil & # 39; s Concubine (Digital) – Located in a large European city, The Devil's Concubine revolves around Two assassins, but not too smart, hired to recover a mysterious cooler from a stranger. When the two assassins accidentally shoot their contacts in the exchange without getting their money first, the disaster really hits the fanatic. Persecuted by the police, a gang of dangerous Rastafarians and an erratic criminal who rushes to seek his blood, the couple cheats and throws themselves through the sordid underworld on their way to the man who hired them, and to their own destruction! Author: Palle Schmidt. Illustrator: Palle Schmidt. © 2011 Palle Schmidt. All rights reserved.

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