Photoshop Image Editing Genius Guide (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

  Photoshop Genius Guide (Digital) image editing magazine (1 edition) Photoshop Genius Guide (Digital) image writing – Photoshop is a basic part of any creative toolset, whether it is producing takes of key products for a client, professional retouching of a set of commercial portraits or work to develop their own artistic style exploring new ways to transform their images into art. Its applications are endless, and with each new version of Adobe Creative Suite we are pleased to discover the new features of Photoshop that quickly become indispensable for our own workflows. This Genius guide has been revised to update it with CS6, including Content-Aware's super smart options, and it also teaches you everything from commercial lighting to retro styles, facial features remodeling and Draganising portraits, and much, much more. Includes: Editing and improvement: Learn the essentials and discover the industry standard practices Restoration and effects. Rescue old and worn out photographs, and discover how to recreate modern styles. Making touch-ups and creative editing. Eliminate imperfections and smooth the skin perfectly, then turn your image into Art Tools: familiarize yourself with the fundamental tools of your Photoshop kit bag. Please note that the digital versions of the bookstores do not include the articles or cover supplements that you will find in the printed editions.

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