History Of War Book Of Pearl Harbor (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

  History of the Pearl Harbor War Book (Digital) Magazine (1 edition) History of the Pearl Harbor War Book (Digital) – In this War History book you will explore both Pearl Harbor and the war in the Pacific, from the genesis of Japan's preventive attack to the use of atomic weapons in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. Presenting moving photographs from the battle front, declassified archival documents and eyewitness accounts of those present during the conflict, this is an essential companion for anyone interested in one of the defining periods of the twentieth century. With: Pearl Harbor: explore the events, actions and people surrounding the infamous attack. War in the Pacific: from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima, follow the lethal action of the Pacific War. From the archives: authentic facsimile documents are included, including battle reports, classified communications and detailed maps. Eyewitness accounts: read first-hand impressions of those who were present during the events of the Pearl Harbor era and the Pacific War

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