Bizarre Body Art 4 (Digital) Magazine (1 Issue)

  Bizarre Body Art 4 (Digital) Magazine (1 edition) Bizarre Body Art 4 (Digital) – Body Art 4 is Bizarre's latest celebration of the best ink in the world! With the latest advances in sacrifice, cutting, stretching, suspension, division, sewing and punching, in addition to the traditional tatt and newer techniques, this is a full-color 164-page book of all the things you love. . Check out the strangest ink icons on the planet, including Matt Gone, the man with a chess board tattoo on his body, and amputee cycling enthusiast Alan Mascius, along with interviews with the imposing Kandy models, Sabina Kelley and Amina Munster, not to mention LA Ink Girls fighting. In addition, hundreds of readers throw their incredible ink and 10 of our most popular Ultra Vixens show their meat decorated for your pleasure. Not suitable for children under 18 years.

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